Pre Owned Products

From time to time, we get pre-owned pieces that can serve as a great bargain for some lucky audio lovers. We do also accept trades, so feel free to inquire about any type of product you may be in the market for. We’ll do our best to help!

NAD M33 Streaming/DAC Amplifier

List Price: $5,999.00
Selling for: $3,495.00
​All original packaging and accessories.

Symposium Acoustics Ultra Platform (24" X 19")

List Price: $999.00
​Sell for: $599.00

World Class Isolation Platform. Great with all digital and analog front ends. Pristine condition.

Wadia 581 SACD Player

List $10995.00
Call for pricing & availability. Very good condition. Original box & packaging, manual

VPI Prime Scout Turntable with JMW 3D Tonearm Armwand (9") w/Gingko Audio Plinth Cover

Selling for: $3700.00

Store demo, in pristine condition, with all original accessories and packaging.

List Price:  $3300.00 for turntable and tonearm, and $400.00 for the Gingko Audio Plinth Cover, $3700.00 total.

Please call, or email for any specific questions!

AVM CS 8.3 Black Edition Flagship Streaming Receiver

List $18,995.00
Call or email for details

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