We’ve carefully selected these brands based on soundstage depth and width, accuracy in timbre, cosmetics, value, and overall intensity in performance. 


Favorite Review: “We love the Rega’s expressive dynamics – the way it builds the crescendos in the Stravinsky piece while managing to resolve nuances in the quieter sections is impressive. It’s brilliantly organised too, keeping all the instrumental strands in place even when the music gets complicated.” – WhatHiFi on the Rega DAC-R


Favorite Review: “I’m happy to say you can get virtually all of the features and much of sound quality of AVM’s flagship in the company’s $4995 CS 2.2. I’ve been using the CS 2.2 as my “daily driver” for the past few months and its combination of features, flexibility, and sound quality in one easy-to-operate component is hard to beat.” – The Absolute Sound on the AVM CS 2.2


Favorite Review: “My initial sonic impressions included descriptive terms as big, bold, and detailed with an excellent transient response. The QX-8 delivers the characteristic “Ayre Acoustics Sound”: extremely neutral, dynamic with very well controlled bass and an overall lack of hardness. If you are looking for warmth or midbass fullness, you might be disappointed by the QX-8. What the QX-8 delivers is absolute tonal accuracy in its overall presentation.” Darkko.Audio on the Ayre QX-8 Digital Hub


Favorite Review: “No matter if you chose to listen to music via the Node 2i whilst hard-wired into your existing audio system, streaming wirelessly to a Bluesound speaker somewhere in your home, or to some wireless headphones, the authority the Node 2i brings to bear on your recordings is, to a lesser or greater extent, the same. It’s thrillingly accomplished in every aspect of music reproduction.” – Trusted Reviews on the Bluesound Node 2i 


Favorite Review: “Bryston may be known mostly for their amps, but now having heard more of their components it is starting to look like everything they issue is simply excellent value, great-sounding, and built to last. The BDP-3 is no exception. Used as a streaming endpoint, the BDP-3 is a dependable, easy to operate and really great sounding device. A big selling point is its Roon Ready-ness, combined with its front panel display and buttons that actually control Roon’s queue. When using its built-in Media Player and playing local files, the BDP-3 further steps up the game and truly shines. In this mode, it actually performs on par with some of the very best digital sources that I have heard.” – HiFi Advice on the Bryston BDP-3 digital music player


Favorite Review: “…the Luxman DA-06 is a damn fine-sounding D/A converter with virtually all music: insightful, explicit, substantial, colorful, and as consistently analog-like a digital product as I have heard. That it is also attractive, easy to use, and made by a corporation that will turn 90 next year tips the balance toward an enthusiastic recommendation.” – Stereophile on the Luxman DA-06 Digital Processor


Favorite Review: “…with  the  M  Scaler  assisting  the  Hugo TT 2, the timing and timbres of the percussion ensemble instruments  improved  dramatically,  with  more  incisive  transient  sounds,  rounder  tonalities  all  around,  and  the  all-important  qualities  of  ‘swing’  and  dynamic  ‘jump’  in  evidence.  Individual  choral lines also became clearer and more intelligible, while the potentially  problematic  vocal  swells  sounded  better  controlled  and  more  expressive,  with  elements  of  congestion  mostly  (though  not  entirely)  cleared  up.  In  addition,  the  sounds  of  the  concert venue were captured more realistically.” – HFi + on the Chord Electronics Ltd. “Hugo M Scaler” Digital Upscaling Device


Favorite Review: “The NAD D 3045 HYBRID DIGITAL AMPLIFIER is the best integrated amp I’ve heard for under $1000. Honestly, you’d have to spend a lot more than $1000 to beat it. I can’t imagine anything that would improve the D 3045’s sound quality in a significant way. For $699, it delivers audio equal to more expensive products. It has every feature one could want in an integrated amplifier and it can drive just about any speakers currently sold today. Its character is definitive NAD – neutral and accurate with seemingly endless power reserves.” – Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity on the NAD D 3045 HYBRID DIGITAL AMPLIFIER

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