We’ve carefully selected these brands based on soundstage depth and width, accuracy in timbre, cosmetics, value, and overall intensity in performance. 


Favorite Review: “The Analysis Plus Big Silver Oval is the kind of wire that touches all the areas that matter to me. Sure, I’ve heard cables that will better than the Big Silver Oval by tiny margins here and there, but I’ve never heard a better cable near this price segment. It handily exceeded my expectations. And in my book, that’s the biggest plus of all.” – The Absolute Sound Golden Ear on the Big Silver Oval Speaker Cable


Favorite Review: “Not only do these cables breathe fire during thunderous musical passages but they also provide a level of refinement, smoothness, and sophistication that was most welcome. At this point I’m not sure that I could live without them.”—Jacob Heilbrunn, The Absolute Sound, February 2019 on the Dragon Speaker Cable

Cardas Audio

Favorite Review: “When stacked against more expensive cables, Cardas Clear Reflection held its own and, accordingly, gets high marks for delivering good performance at a reasonable price. Clear Reflection is a fantastic cable in its own right. Cardas is on to something with its blend of the company’s previous Golden Reference design and its current Clear technology. I was charmed by Clear Reflection’s fluid, organized, detailed, and generally musically satisfying qualities. I would not hesitate to recommend it to others and would consider it myself for a second system. Mr. Cardas, take a bow.” – The Absolute Sound on the Cardas Audio Clear Reflection Interconnect and Speaker Cable


Favorite Review: “This is sound less distorted, pure and simple. It sounds like your electronics are tampering with the sound less than before, almost irrespective of the type of electronics used. It’s the system you bought in the first place, as it should be, and it works universally.” – Hi-Fi+ UK on the Denali D6000/T Power Distributor (Hi-Fi+’s Power Products Of The Year award)


Favorite Review: “This is the most difficult review I’ve ever tried to write, not because David Elrod’s power cords aren’t good enough, but because they are so good that for all intents and purposes, audibly they are nearly inseparable from my system. – Positive Feedback on the EPS 2 and 3 Signature AC power cords


Favorite Review: “Yielding only a tiny bit in sheer control, ultimate top-end transparency, and inner detailing to PS’ reference Kimber Select KS-1021, Hero’s bass lives up to its name, prodigious in amplitude and definition (rather better even than its pricier brother). This interconnect is either dead neutral or tilts a notch to the yang, with dynamics at once powerful yet finely resolved in an essentially grain-free presentation.” – The Absolute Sound 2017 Editors’ Choice on the Kimber Kable Hero INTERCONNECT


Favorite Review: “The solidly-built and massive-looking Wireworld Eclipse 7 speaker cables prove to be an excellent performer during my evaluation. Justifying the design philosophy and the engineering behind the design, these cables exhibit neutral and balanced characteristics. They are excellent in conveying transparency and refined details, elevating the music listening experience.” – Home Theater and High Fidelity on the Eclipse 7 Speaker Cables

JPS Labs

Favorite Review: “At the end of the day, all I can say is that the Aluminatas are, without a doubt and by a significant margin, the best audio cables I’ve used.” – Stereophile Magazine on the Aluminata INTERCONNECT, SPEAKER CABLE, AC CORD


Favorite Review: “I can’t imagine that anyone who’s invested considerable time and energy and money in a high-end system would want to be without the markedly “blacker” backgrounds, increased transparency and detail, more vivid colors, and greater overall veracity delivered by Nordost’s QKore Ground Units.” – Stereophile Magazine on the Nordost QKore SYSTEM GROUNDING ACCESSORIES​ and QKore Wire 

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